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The Seven Steps Of Effective Marketing For Small Businesses

The seven steps of effective marketing for small businesses

Our Last speaker Dominic Cerillo gave us an insight into marketing for small businesses. You can download his presentation as a PDF below.

We’re all marketing in some capacity already, whether it’s simply how we are presenting ourselves to potential customers, our logo and identity, business cards, sales literature, our premises or product packaging, our website, through to more sophisticated campaigns designed to raise awareness of our products and services and generate sales.

But it’s really easy to get your marketing wrong, typically because we fall into the trap of delivering the solutions we’re most comfortable and familiar with rather than truly getting to know our target audience, how to reach them most successfully and how to pitch our offer in a way that will engage and excite them.  Bad marketing is a waste of time and money because it doesn’t generate any sales.  The good news is it’s not hard to get your marketing right either and it doesn’t have to be expensive.  This presentation will outline the seven simple steps of effective marketing for any small business.


Dominic Cerillo Inspire Strategic Marketing

I am a marketing consultant, based in Rutland, with over 20 years marketing experience, client and agency side, in B2C and B2B environments, using online and offline techniques.  I specialise in writing marketing plans for small businesses.


My aim is to bring good business ideas to life by translating them into compelling customer propositions, identifying and reaching target audiences to create awareness and excitement about these propositions, generating interest and enquiries, converting more of them into sales, building greater customer loyalty and purchase frequency, and identifying cross-sales opportunities.


Contact Dominic at Inspire Strategic Marketing for your Marketing Makeover

01572 821877, 07852 814917

Download Marketing for small businesses presentation. (2Mb)


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