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Ben CallaghanBen Callaghan is the owner of BGC Events who provide an event management service that covers all aspects of an event, from the initial concept through to planning, organising, on-the-day and post-event activity. A large proportion of the service is provided at no cost to the customer, with payment coming from the venues confirmed. The aim with every event is to ensure that customers save money, save time and have a perfect event.

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Ben Callaghan says…

I started RSBN with my colleague Deborah, with the simple desire of drawing local businesses together to benefit from business opportunity, mutual support and purchasing advantage. Personally, it has been instrumental in the success of my business with leads from networking creating 90% of my current customer base, whilst members have supplied business critical services including accountancy, legal services, technical support and communication. Besides all that, we now have a group of friends who meet on a regular basis outside the business environment and this makes business fun, which for me is what life is all about.

Take a look at the BGC Events website and find out more about Ben’s company.

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